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RBS6201 GSM configuration with RUS

Configuring RBS 6201 GSM with RUS In this post I will describes you the procedure to perform Site Cell Configurations using RBS6201 GSM with RUS, Ericsson RBS6201 with RUS for 2G technology. The actions are performed locally at RBS site.  This…
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5G NR on FDD

5G New Radio on FDD In this article i will try to explain 5G NR on FDD, we will describe air interface about 5G NR on FDD in depth, Ok let’s start 5G NR on FDD. How to quickly add…
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5G NR (New Radio) Air Interface

5G NR (New Radio) Unified Air Interface In this article defines 5G NR air interface, 5G NR (New Radio) is new technology or technique for air interface it used and develop for 5G new upcoming generation for mobile network, this…
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