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Minilink PT software upgrade

 Software upgrade Here we will learn how to upgrade software at minilink PT, we will learn necessary steps to minilink PT software upgrade. upgrade or downgrade MINI-LINK PT: 1. Log on to MINI-LINK PT Node GUI 2. In the menu…
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Basic concept of Information Technology

Basic concept of Information Technology: Information technology is a use of computer to store and process facts and figures into a useful and organized form, “Data” Is a raw material number and facts. Information is the raw material organized in…
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Ericsson DUW configuration for 3G

DUW 31 01 3G 2100 configurations with dual DUW: In this article will teach you how to do DUW configuration for 3G, Ericsson DUW is new main board from Ericsson RBS 6201 for WCDM network, Lets start DUW configuration ….
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