How internet of things (IoT) impact on daily life

How internet of things (IoT) impact on daily life:

In this article i will try to define internet of things (IoT) impact daily life, internet of things (IoT) impact daily life positively Internet of things now became more common, it is used for everything now days from smartphones to smart business. It is inter connectivity between all smart gadgets and internet. This internet of things (IoT) technology is now used in almost every country in the world and everyday new thing evolving on it to make the living more easy and comfortable for everyone. In an estimation by the 2020 more than 24 billion devices will be in used at business level. For home used all appliances, home security, kitchen even grocery record will be done automatically with interconnected smart appliances and devices over the IoT.



IoT in automotive industry:

Here we will start IoT impact daily life with automotive industry, All industries are now going smarter and smarter every day and internet and internet of things is involved in every industry, one the biggest industry which is using IoT it automotive and it the improving day by day. Self-driving cars and connected car are the examples.

Now days using a navigation system while driving is a most common thing in life and many cars came with built-in navigation system including IoT, peoples relay on technology more than ever before it just built for your need, imagine if you are driving and IoT car and you are running out from fuel your car navigation system will give you a reminder for that with a permission request to navigate you to fuel station when you give approval it will start navigation to nearest gasoline station, IoT connected system give you the reminder for your appointments of the day, advanced navigation system with real time traffic update can make your best route to your destination, it is also secure accidents with sensors installed in car are monitoring the road with real time update to car core control system which help you prevent collisions, any road accident all real time information form connected cars, services like this is making life more comfortable and enjoyable.

The IoT connected car system securely and anonymously matches the customer’s current situation and preferences to services in the area, your car will find best suitable car parking slot available on real time that’s how advance IoT is coming in and moving science closely to the art of living.

There is now days new and advance system is in developing and testing phase which probably will called IoT with AI (artificial intelligence), cars power with artificial intelligence will be self-learningand will understand driving habits and skills or determine how the driver is feeling emotionally so that they drive more efficiently and keep their occupant safer, I t can sense your mood your physical condition for the deriving, you speed, road condition, weather condition and speed limit. You are living in the world of technology perhaps can call it smart world, where nothing is without technology and still it is growing.



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