How To Format Ericsson DUW

How to format DUW 31 01

Here in this article will define how to format Ericsson DUW. in this article you will learn how to format Ericsson DUW in detail.

Pre requirements:

Below Requirements to format Ericsson DUW.

  • Laptop with hyper terminal, CLI software (recommended putty)
  • USB to serial cable with and additional cable to connect serial to DUW LMT RJ45 port
  • Ericsson special splatter for LMT port (DUW3101 have only one LMT port this splatter with make it to 2 port LMT A and LMT B) this is necessary for DUW3101 formatting otherwise you need to change serial to RJ45 cable pin configuration, with splatter so you can use normal LMT cable which used for DUG.

How to make serial to RJ45 cable to connect with LMT port see attached document for below link

Click here to download OMT cable pin configuration manual.

Only these 3 requirements to format DUW


  • Connect splatter to LMT port on DUW
  • Connect USB to serial cables to LMT A port on splatter.
  • Access DUW with putty,

First of all open putty set putty select “serial” in connection type, in serial line enter your serial port number, then click open.

  • Now you are connected with DUW, if DUW is old it will ask you to enter user name and password, so put as below.

User name: rbs

Password: rbs

If DUW is new it will not ask about username and password.

  • Formatting

Now you are fully connected with DUW to start format Ericsson DUW.

Run command “ reload — ” type and press enter to run.

It will take around 2 minutes to normalize DUW wait for it.

Then run command to format hard drives as below.

Formathd /d and press enter to run it, this command will format D drive in DUW.

After formatting D drive run reload —  again and wait for DUW to normalize.

Then now format C drive in DUW with below command

Formathd /c2 and press enter to run.

Now your DUW is completely formatted.

  • Here you need to configure IP to access Ericsson DUW through Ethernet.

Below is the command to set an IP address in DUW

“Ifconfig le0 netmask” and press enter to run

Above mention IP and subnet mask is default for all Ericsson DUW’s.

Now run reload —  command again.

  • Verification of IP address, here is command below to verify your IP on Ericsson DUW to confirm this IP address configure properly.

Run “Ifconfig” this is the command it will show you IP address and netmask. Make sure it is as default otherwise you will not get access Ericsson DUW for further process’s.


As a result your DUW is formatted and configure with IP to access with total commander to copy basic packages to it.


Almost similar procedure used for all type of DUW, DUL and DUS.

For integration of RBS6201 for 3G follow the post Ericsson RBS6201 Configuration for 3G




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