Ericsson DUW configuration for 3G

DUW 31 01 3G 2100 configurations with dual DUW:

In this article will teach you how to do DUW configuration for 3G, Ericsson DUW is new main board from Ericsson RBS 6201 for WCDM network, Lets start DUW configuration .

Here you will learn how to configure it for different configuration and for different band.

For WCDM or UMTS 2100 band need two Ericsson DUW normally but it is depends on your configuration requirements.

Here we will start learning how we can do DUW configuration

  • Power up your RBS cabinet
  • Turn on both DUW (make sure your cooling fan’s working properly)
  • Remove cables between both DUW IDL and F to F.
  • Connect your CLI cable with secondary DUW and format it.

See post How to format DUW 31 01 No need to configure IP address in secondary DUW.

  • Now format first DUW

See post How to format Ericsson DUW

  • Now you need to copy basic package to DUW.
  • After finishing copy basic package to DUW run “reload” command at putty.

Keep your IDL and F to F cables disconnected.

It will take some time after reloading wait for it to come up when putty will ask you to enter username and password.

  • After this setup you can access primary DUW with element manger.

If you don’t have element manger in your system you can download form DUW with following steps.

Integration with Element Manager:

Set your laptop IP for DUW configuration with element manager.

IP address:

Subnet mask:

Open your browser (recommended chrome)

Type address:

Click on download element manager.

  • Set your laptop IP address as given below.

IP address:



  • Open element manager and enter IP address of DUW.

Address: click add

Then click connect

  • After connecting element manager with primary DUW.
  • Go to configuration and run cabinet script.
  • Select file from your system and check automatic.
  • Follow the instruction and click next.

When you see adding secondary board on screen connect IDL and F to F cable with secondary DUW and wait for about 10 minutes and check mounting status with below procedure.

This on this step RBS will add secondary DUW configuration also this will take some time about 20 to 30 minutes.

You can also check mounting status through moshell.

If you don’t have moshell in your system see post Moshell Installation

Open moshell and run command “moshell”

Also run command “show mount status”

If mounting starts you will see some percentage in result, after completing sync between both DUW and confirm with moshell by running cabx, 2nd DUW is not in ‘standby ready’ state format 2nd DUW and try to sync again.

  • Hard restart secondary DUW
  • Format secondary DUW again and reconnect IDL and F to F cables
  • Hard restart both DUW at same time
  • Format primary and secondary DUW.

After ever step you have to wait for minimum 10 minutes and check mounting status with moshell, Done successfully create a CV in backup.

  • Now you are able to load OaM script go to configuration and OAM configuration, chose file from your system select automatic and run it.

Finally aAfter completion of this your site will be the visible to remote integration team.

If not visible check your OAM file IP’s and vlan’s according to your transmission plan.

  • Run site script, same as above procedures.

This will not take more time.


  • After this you will handover you site to integration team to finish all integration.

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