Basic Understanding Of IoT (Internet of Thing’s)

What is Internet of Things (IoT):

Hello, In this blog I am going to tell you about internet of things normally called IoT, Today there is massive global network which allows peoples to communicate with each other, we send email, send instant messages, we use websites, video calling and many more to communicate, it is 

peoples who drive the internet, data that we send come from the client devices like laptop, PC, tablet or smartphone and this data goes to some servers and then server send this information data for further to get information’s, in this process there are 3 major actors, peoples, client devices and services.




The whole categories which are active on internet is called “things” in the term inter of things (IoT), there is any object have sensor attached to it and transmit data into internet analyzed and used to make decisions, for example temperature sensors, traffic sensors, heath sensors and usage monitor it must be a big list of sensors around the world, these all sensors can send data to a person or a computer over the internet to make a decision based on that data which is sent by sensor over the internet.






IoT is based on small devices (called IoT sensors) which are connected to end user interface like doors, AC’s, car’s, so on the are small devices have very low power consumption, very low memory inside it these small devices are connected to a big and complicated device like smart phone, controller or these devices may be connected to IoT gateway, because for sensor don’t have direct connection or internet this IoT gateway used to connect these sensors to connect to the internet, these devices connected to gateway or any other device through WIFI, Bluetooth or any other low power connectivity, when this internet of things gateway receive data from sensor it send this to internet.




There is another example that will make easy to understand internet of things, now day there are many air conditions which is controlled with smart phones by using a software which is provided by AC manufacturing company, this is the good example of IoT, and many of the AC have WIFI option, by the way what the AC will do with WIFI? It is for IoT, this AC connected to internet through WIFI and your smart phone software of AC manufacturer is integrated to that AC so you can control your AC with smart phone over the internet. Many of the companies are now planning to manufacture new appliances and their products with IoT enabled built in by default.


All devices now days have their own operating systems, some operating system are open source and some are dedicated to devices, but all devices have operation system called (OS) IoT devise also need OS to perform this complicated and very advanced functionality, developers are working to develop OS and there up gradation, some OS for internet of things devices are multitasking operating systems, Mbed, RTOS etc.

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