Basic concept of Information Technology

Basic concept of Information Technology:

Information technology is a use of computer to store and process facts and figures into a useful and organized form, “Data” Is a raw material number and facts. Information is the raw material organized in a useful way.

The term information technology or IT refer to entire industry and in actuality, information technology is the use of computers and software to manage information’s.

Information technology in any large organization will be responsible to store information, protect information, transfer information and retrieving information.

We will study about history of computer in short way.

History of computer:

Mechanical era of computer (1623 to 1945):

Mechanical era of computer was totally mechanical based computer was seems like calculator now day and it was totally a mechanical device to do mathematical functions.

1st generation electronic computer (1937 to 1953):

Here the first electronic computer which used a program to do the functions, it was converting symbolic language to machine language to perform actions on input.

2nd generation (1954 to 1962):

During this time period many of the computer programing languages were introduced, during this time period process were introduce and used first time as a basic processing unit.

3rd generation (1963 to 1972):

The first IC’s were based on small based integration SSI circuits which had around 10 devices per circuit or a chip and involved to be used in medium scale integrated MSI circuits which had up a hundred devices per chip.

4th generation (1972 to 1984):

The next generation of a computer solve the used of large scale integration (LSI) equal’s a thousand of devices per chip and very large scale integration (VLSI) which is equal to hundreds of thousands devices per chip and construction of computer elements, development in software including very high level languages such as FP functional programming and prolong.

5th generation (1984 to 1990):

This generation solved the introduction with machines with hundreds of processors, they can all be working in different parts of computer with a single program.

6th generation (1990 to 2014):

Many of the developments in computer system since 1990 reflect gradual improvements in our established system, thus it hard to claim that its represent a transection to a new generation, but other developments to prove the significant changes.

Since 2014 to date 7th and 8th generation of computer is available in market.

Data storage and database:

The term data storage can refer to anything with information recorded on it. A database is a collections of information that organized so it can be easily accessed, managed and updated.


It was a short introduction to information technology, will go in detailed about IT in different topics including advance IT soon.

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