5G NR (New Radio) Air Interface

5G NR (New Radio) Unified Air Interface

In this article defines 5G NR air interface, 5G NR (New Radio) is new technology or technique for air interface it used and develop for 5G new upcoming generation for mobile network, this is totally a new technology which use high frequency band, which previously used for direct point to point connectivity in telecommunication.

This NR will be a global standard for 5G technology, it is unified and more capable for 5G NR air interface. More responsive and superfast internet will be deliver with 5G NR, mobile network industry will be redefined and it will be extend to connect. Developers are working to use mmWave for mobile network system in higher frequency band above 24 GHz. 5G NR will provide super high internet over air interface and it will enable to connect thing around us through air interface with mobile network.

Desigined of 5G NR:

Developers developed on optimized OFDM based waveforms for 5G NR air interface, that will help to scale in both frequency and time domain, also they optmized muliple access for different use cases. Developers also reated a new flexible 5G NR framework that will efficiency mutiplex 5G services and feartures.

Multiple acces and waveforms based on optimized OFDM:

The OFDM family highly utilized in 4G LTE and wifi systems, it is well suited to meet 5G NR air interface requirements for high spectral efficiency, wide bandwidths scalibility, efficient for MIMO implementation and low complexity per bit. NR (5G NR) can additionally support the sue of non-orthogonal multiple access techniques, such as Resource Spread Multiple Access (RSMA), for target sue cases such as sporadic up link traffic from battery powered IoT sensors.

OFDM scaling to achieve diverse requirements:

Today’s diverse requirements like, services, deployments, spectrum bands and types will get achieved as OFDM family is designed to scale up frequency and time domains in 5G NR. Filtering and windowing can be achieved with OFDM, it helps to improve ability to create single carrier waveform to get efficient uplink transmission.

Scalable TTI (time Transmission Interval) get achieved with flexible framework of NR:

With a flexible framework that supports variues lavels of reliability, latency, mobility and data rate is available in 5G NR. It is designed for effiently get multiplex 5G services. For easily incorporation in feature for futher 5G services and compatibility, 5G NR flexible framwork is designed to do so.

Self Contained subframe of NR:

In 5G NR (New Radio) new sled contained integrated sub frame is designed which is key technology enabler. In this new 5G NR innovation many of inputs added like schedulig info, data and acknowledgement in same sub-frame, lower latency enabling and some forward compatibility and deployment scenarios.



5G standardization is in the development phase much closer than expectations. Many of the technologies which developed for 5G are now in the phase of 5G NR (New Radio) standardization. The next phase will be developing 5G network on trial bases for operators. Commercially 5G will be available in 2019 and devices is in under development stage.

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