How AI works basic concepts of AI you must understand

4 Basic Concepts of AI must need to understand:

In this article we will talk about How AI works basic concepts of AI. All artificial intelligence is built on 4 basic foundations here is quick guide.

A storm is talking the world towards artificial intelligence (AI), with innovative use being applied across industries segments. But we are still very far away from replacing AI robot to a doctor. As we can see all technology fiction movies. But diagnosing and solving of problem for experts in all industries if much faster with AI helps.

Some amazing thing happening everyday with us but we even not consider it. Like voice command to a smart phone to find location or anything we need from internet. Many of us just focus on result.

There are four foundational elements for those who like to look behind the seen what is happing and how it works.

There are four basic concepts of artificial intelligence, Collaboration filtering, classification, categorization and machine learning these are the four pillars of AI building stand on. Also these are the How AI works basic concepts of artificial intelligence steps in analytical process.


To solve the problems AI need lot to data. To build an AI solution a mechanism is need to build which is called ‘Design intent matrices’ it is used to categorize the problems. Any artificial intelligence builder need to build a system weather it is for IT. For medicine purpose user need to define that problem into a small pieces of metrics.


After categorizing the problems into different areas by a user of artificial intelligence, now a point of direction to meaningful consultation point needs to classify. In an IT examples we assume to building an AI to diagnose wireless network problem user need to define classifying that what is cause of problem.

Machine learning:

User now need to feed data information to machine learning which divided into domain specific chunks of metadata. One of the most popular approach of machine learning from many of the machine learning algorithms is using neural network ‘Deep Learning’.

The first neural network was built in 1980s and concept of neural network has been since 1949. But now the neural network is being trained to solve real world problem with the help of computer huge storage in simple words big data.

Collaborative filtering:

Most of the people meets a situation when they order something from an online store or buy anything from amazon and they got suggestion from the website related to their purchase or search.

Behind the seen the collaborative filtering is used to sort large set of data and put in to AI solution. Here the meaningful insight or action is taken by analyzing and collecting data. Answers with high lave of confidence can be provided by collaborative filtering. It’s act as a virtual assistant to solve complex problems.

Now days AI is a big part of our daily life with impact of profound and will be felt even more keenly. But artificial intelligence is still very much emerging space. When buying a car or with an artificial intelligence we need to understand what is going behind the seen to choose best product for our needs..



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